Best Boxer -Top 3 – Johns Opinion

Best Boxer- Top 3 – John’s Opinion

Best boxer - the top 5

Who is the best boxer of all time?

Best Boxer – Muhammad Ali – 1

He was everything the sport embodies from the time he first put on his gloves. Going beyond the ring, he captured a country. Golden Gloves to heavy champ to outspoken voice of war. Mr. Ali was something special that may never be seen again. This was long before social media and the only time the voice was heard – was live on tv. Making every minute count and he was on all the time.

Muhammad Ali started his boxing career as a Golden Gloves champion. In 1960, he went on to win the Olympic Gold Medal. Something like that usually sets up the stage for a contender the professional boxing crown.

Next was the dominant career that allowed him to win a record heavy title 3x times. The major fight – “Thrilla in Manilla” – against the beast known as Joe Frazier. Before then, a major part of his career was turned off because of his opinions to the Vietnam War. As an able bodied man, he was drafted to fight. He said no and this caused people to love and hate him. Sticking by his guns and refusing to budge – this man was the Greatest.

Second Best Boxer – Sugar Ray Robinson


Ray Robinson or “Sugar”, was an unbelievable amateur. He had a record of 85 wins and 0 losses -staggering. Turning pro at the young of 19, he racked up a crazy record of 128-1-2 in just 11 years. That is unheard of in today’s spectrum. Fighters may have 1-2 fights per year, max. His titles were at welter and middleweight and held them for a very long time.

The thing that I would say is most impressive is the idea that this was all happening in the 1950s. Black and White relations were just coming to the point of the Civil Rights movement and this strong young African American man was ruling the boxing world. It must have been terrible to be the champion of the world yet, not be able to have a full vote in the election or drink from the same water fountains. The mental strength and fortitude of this champion is unmatched.

The Third Best Best Boxer – Rocky Marciano

There are legends and there is The LEGEND. Rocky Marciano is the only boxer in history to go down and retire undefeated. 49-0. (Note – Floyd Mayweather Jr. retired with the same record as well). He was not he biggest or the baddest but this man could scrape. He fought the big names like Joe Louis and Archie Moore in the 1950s and he beat them all. The series of great boxing dramatic movies with Sylvester Stallone was loosely based off the Rocky – by the same name. There was also the Raging Bull movie with Robert DeNiro that also drew from this man among men.

Final Thoughts

I was too young to see these men fight live or even on TV but the hysteria and the cold hard facts of these three men go unmatched. I could have picked 5 others to replace each one of them, but they each had something beyond boxing. Yes, they were the best of their time and the best of the sport, but there was more. Whether is was changing the dynamic of thinking about war, or the civil rights or even how boxing was more than a blood sport. Each of these three men gave everything they had to make sure that the world never forgot who they were.

-John Allen

Boxing Workout Review – Muscle and Fitness

Boxing Workout Review

Hello and welcome to the first official boxing workout review. I will be searching the internet and collecting different boxing themed workouts. I will then put myself or a friend through the test and see how they perform. Below is the grading:

Grading Scale:

Difficulty: Easy, Medium or Hard

Length – 30 min, 1 hour, More than Hour

Shape to Conduct – beginner, average, athlete, boxer

Fun – yes or no

Equipment Needed

Thoughts will be taken after each exercise or round

Then final thoughts about how everything went – let’s get to it.

Mucle and Fitness – Pound for Pound Boxing Workout – Part 1

The workout here:

Jump Rope – 3 Sets of 3 Min

Speed Bag – 3 Sets of 3 min

Shadowbox – 3 Sets of 3 Min

Heavy Bag – 3 Sets of 3 min


Rope Work

Jumping rope is one of the best, if not the best cardio workout you can hard. It takes your entire body in a static, tense state and rapid movemnet with your legs and arms. Over and over, your wrists are whipping the rope around your head and your legs and calves are jumping over it. I have been jumping rope for over 10 years and it never gets old. There are always new things things and routines that you can pick up on

For example, the single skip is a great intro to the rope game. Start by going back and forth lifting the leg off the ground. I will spend an entire section on this later.

Thoughts – Great warm up and gets blood in the entire body from head to toe. Good for beginners

Speed Bag

Eye hand coordination and hand speed is the name of the game. Can you hit something and bring it back. Then in perfect timing have your other hand extend to hit something and the perfect timing? Well here is your chance! Some people like to lift there legs and run in place. Don’t. Sit there and work on your hand. Start with one hand and try to pick up timing. The dominant hand is the best to start with. We aren’t working on power but quickness and placement. Build confidence.

Then when you are ready, try the weak hand and do it until you can consistently go. More words later.

Thoughts – Your shoulders, biceps, wrists, and triceps will be in for a treat. Sweat is not the game, but fast twitch it.

Shadow Boxing

Fundamentals and more fundamentals is the key. Don’t just throw your hands out there. Take Rhonda Rousey – the former UFC Champion. She would simply shadow box out there with no regard for form or footwork. It is important to move your head and keep your hands up. Throw a solid body to head combination. This is the time to test our some of the combos you saw online. Make sure above all else that you are constantly moving for this workout.

Thoughts – Depends what you want but movement was key. Hands up and head movement stays in line with the goal. Time to sweat.

Heavy Bag

Don’t try to hit this as hard as you can. Hitting the bag hard does not give you power, snapping your punches does. For this workout, touch the bag and bring it bag. Snap and flow. Don’t push the punch. It will hurt your arm and your hands. Pop it and then keep it going. Mix hard shots with constant tapping.

Thoughts – My favorite, but extremely brutal with the arms being sluggish by this point.

Average Workout

Beginner to Boxer

30 Min

Fun Very Fun


Jump Rope

Speed Bag

Heavy Bag

Wrist Wraps

12oz Boxing Gloves

Stop Watch

Boxing Back Is Here

What is Boxing Back?

I am back for more information and today we will get into the term boxing back. This is what I like to call a result of years of abuse on the body. Many men start with weights and full heavy movement at a very young age. Then the amateur fighting begins and so does the increase of work on the muscles and skeletal system. Let’s continue on with the main part of career, training and fights every year for 10 years. Last, the boxing back arrives when it is time to hang up the gloves.

Back pain from sports

Boxing Back is part of the pain game

Getting Out of Bed

Boxing back is brutal – simply brutal for an retired athlete to deal with. Instead of rolling over and getting out of bed, it becomes a ritual. The wake up but need to then slowly turn to the side. After that the feet come out and they start lift up with their arms and abs. The abs must be held tight as to not flare or have a muscle spasm. Last, the final psuh off the mattress. Great job – you are not standing.

Best Mattress For the Back

I am a big advocate of stiff mattress that allows the muscles to stay in place. We are children that needs to curl up. This is a athletic man’s body that has been active for years. It needs to be held in place. That’s it. So make sure to invest in a expensive bed that will last up to 5 years. This is an investment in your future or the future will hand you back to the doctors for more work. Pay now or pain later, my uncle used to always say.

Walking With Boxing Back

A young child or a small girl can move and do whatever they want all the time. The pleasures of being small and petite. After 20 years of back aching work and countless rounds in the ring, the walk can be work enough. The posture be always be tall and core work needs to be a habit to do so. Always lead with the legs and have the foot land on the heel. This isn’t a race, but momentum helps the stride. No quick lefts or rights are here anymore.

Work or Working Out

If you were not lucky enough to be out of the business world or you simply enojoy doing dealings – you will need to work. Can your back hold up to sitting in a chair for 8 hours a day? Hell no! Make sure to sit up right and have a nice lumbar support so your back doesn’t curl. Again buy the nice chair and desk that works for your height requirements. we don’t want to be have to be looking down all day.

Doctor Visits

My doctor is my priest – he is my savior and he will be yours too. As you see the doctor when you have the flu, if your boxing back aches and you can’t touch your toes. Go see them now. It will save you years of pain and help fix the long term effects of not doing it right. When I first saw my chiropractor, the best in the city I must say, he was amazed at the limitations of my body. After a few visits, I was then able to rotate left to right with no pain. Then after about 6 months of stretching and working out (i’ll show you the exercises later on), I was touching my toes.

Hamstrings – Tight and Mean

There are two things that cause back pain – weak core and tight hamstrings. My new post will cover our first enemy – the tight hamstring. From there we will review what the cause it and how to fix them.

Thanks and I’m out

-Big Sean



Rescue The Boxer’s Body

How To Save The Boxer’s Body

This is a blog that is dedicated to the issues that boxer’s body after a certain time. I’ll be documenting my experiences that I have seen, and then also comment on how humans also have similar issues and how they are solved by manipulating the spine by use of chiropractics.  For me to really dive in i will start off by describing what humans currently have to go through. This will involve pain and the basic breakdown of what this type of therapy really employs.

This isn’t some type of pro or for piece but more of an informative area where if you can recognize issues within yourself. You may able to take that and get fixed. The reason I made this about rescue boxers is that they too also feel the pain based on their bodily make ups. They start of cute, but eventually need to find a solution as people do when they have back pain.


To really get into it take a look at how chiropractors use and diagnosis issues with  musculature system. Especially when the spine is under certain stress the central nervous system takes it wholly. So the solution is to find a chiropractor that can guide you and make sure that this is taken care of correctly.

If you were to apply this to a boxer, first make sure that at the four seasons rescue location – the animal is able to walk. If they can’t walk then take a look at the pain. The hips, pain in the lower back, pain in the neck (no pun intended), and or pain in the spine.

Treatment of the Body

As boxers and humans both need treatment. As for my own case, I am tall which have been bending and ducking under low things all my life. The rescue boxer would need help as a tremendous amount of pain is put on the body. The bones are not as solid due to breeding and solidifying the look of the current boxer.

As humans, done have that type of issues – having a expert chiropractor take a look at the issue and diagnosis that treatment, stretching, manipulation and all of the above is extremely important.

That’s where we will stop and move onto our main subject of rescuing boxers bodies.



-Big Sean